Atlantic Marine Industry LCC

Atlantic Marine Industry LCC is offering all kind of workboat includes but not limited to size design and technology, named of “Workboat”

Some of our workboat types :
Accommodation Barges, Barges, Cable Layers, Crew Boats, Dive Boats, Dredgers, Fire Boats, Fishing Boats, Floating Cranes, Floating Hotels, Glass Bottom Boats, High Performance, Landing Craft, Life Boats, Lobster Boats, Multicats, Passenger Boats, Patrol Boats, Pilot Boats, Pontoons, Push Boats, Rescue Vessels, Research Vessels, Supply Ships, Support Vessels, Tour Boats, Towboats, Training Ships, Transport Ships, Trawlers, Tugs, Utility Boats, Water Taxis, Wind Farm Vessels, Work Boats etc..

Atlantic Marine Industry LCC offers various designs from own design selections. We work as a team while designing and building workboats. In house design team and our experience technicians works together to build most dependable and engineered vessels in the market. We work with our clients together to improve our designs. Because of our co-operation with the word most experienced designers in the word we are able to build most dependable vessels in the market. We believe in reliability and we design reliable workboats to operate tough conditions.

Atlantic Marine Industry LCC offers selections of vessels under-construction or ready. We are not building workboats for orders only. We continuously invest on new buildings of various vessels. These vessels build to for stock. We believe if we are a shipyard we have to have our products ready to show, sell or deliver to our clients in short time. Some of our stock vessels ready to deliver / TURN KEY. Some of them are only half constructed to be finished in short time according to customer’s preferences and expectations. Our continuous production and equipment stocks allow us to build vessels in short time.

Atlantic Marine Industry LCC offers worldwide delivery by ship, by plane, by truck, by train and by own power. We can arrange all details of shipping from yard to your location with expert shippers.